This is my favorite thing.

This is my favorite thing.

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Good Morning!


Caitlin Lyon Morning After

These photosets are the best.

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Damn. Went from can i fuck you to can you fuck me



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Ohhhhhhh boy

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Anonymous said: Hey, I have a sex question, and I know you're always good for an honest opinion! Do you think that erection angle has any effect on sexual stimulation from a female's perspective? For example, when fully erect, my penis is nearly straight up and down. Do you think that sort of rigidity would enhance, or take away from the sexual experience for a woman in any way?

I don’t think it makes a difference either way because a woman’s vagina has very few nerve endings (unlike the clitoris, which has thousands— I’m all about clitoral stimulation!). The closer you get to the clitoris, the more nerve endings there are present, although they are very few. Rigidity is only really important for getting that “full,” pressure-like feeling in the vagina, if that makes sense? And it’s definitely pleasurable! 

I personally wouldn’t think angle makes a difference. I mean yeah, you could like thrust up towards her pubic bone or down towards her tailbone which may or may not be pleasurable but it’s all relatively the same.

Hopefully this was a good answer for you! If not, just let me know if you have any other questions. :) xoxo

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Sex blog here
Submit  here


Sex blog here

Submit  here

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Hello love :)

My boy and I are searching tumblr, and your innocent ass has got him hard as ever ;-) do you like submissions from couples, I like tying him up, making him cum to whoever I tell him to :-)

Honey, I’m far from innocent. Of course I accept submissions from couples! Literally anyone can submit pictures to me. Tie him up for me ;)

And I’m very flattered that your hubby finds this blog arousing! <3

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I know I haven’t posted very much on my blog and I haven’t posted any pictures of myself in a long while, and I know it’s inexcusable. I’m going to try a lot harder in the coming weeks to post more pictures of myself for all of you because I miss it, and I need to do it again.
I’ve been unwilling to post pictures of myself because I’ve packed on like 5-10 pounds and it just doesn’t look right on my body. I’m unsatisfied with the way I look now more than ever, and my self confidence has taken a considerable blow. (But I will say, the little bit of weight I have gained has made my ass a little bigger and my chest a little more bountiful; I’m bursting out of my bras.)
That being said I’ve been attempting to eat better and I’ve been failing at being more active. I’m still at a loss and I’m just kinda unhappy.
I just feel unhealthy and I don’t want to plague my blog with my unhealthy self. I also feel horribly inadequate right now so yeah.
Sorry this is rather personal, but I thought I would just give a little more insight as to what I’ve got going on. Hopefully I’ll have this blog running better soon enough!


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Anonymous said: I've been scrolling through your posts for about 2 hours now (hard the whole time btw lovely blog) and I saw a couple requests for female submissions so I was wondering if you prefer girls over guys

It’s not that I necessarily prefer girl submissions over guy submissions, but female submissions do tend to be more arousing because girls tend to put more thought into what they show and say than men do (in my experience, at least). And to be honest, I don’t feel (?) anything from dick pics. Like I get no pleasure from just staring at a dick. Now if it’s a dick pic with some tantalizing description of the inspiration of the photo, that’s a different story. Plus women are so hot!
Basically, I like submissions that are thought out and get my imagination going. Gender doesn’t really matter, but I would like to see more female submissions.

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