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  • playing the victim card, pretending you masturbate out of spite

  • making excuses not to masturbate or when you do

  • letting society tell you whether or not you should masturbate

  • relying on others to make yourself happy

  • doubting yourself when…

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Anonymous said: Will you try anal with toys first or with a guy?

Definitely toys. My virgin ass does not need a dick in it the first time. But who knows, we’ll see what happens.

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Anonymous said: may have just cum fingering to your pics. Thank you sexy.

XOXO! <3

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God is real


God is real

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Well fuck, that’s arousing~

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Instead of having sex, why don’t we just masturbate together.

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Bunny Lee with flowers 2

check out all the pictures on my app

my insta / her insta

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I know I’ve reblogged this before, but does anyone else get mildly excited when they see a cock spring out of a pair of boxers? That first gif is gold.

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Hm. Anal seems scary.

I’ll try it.

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Mad Men 

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Have you ever wanted someone so fully and so completely, yet have them so far away and so out of your grasp? I die a little inside wondering about the texture of the skin on your hands— rough or smooth? How would your fingers feel whispering on my skin? What would your skin say to mine as our bodies rubbed together rhythmically? What do you smell like? What would your touch be like— rough or soft? How would you kiss me? How would you hold me? What does your mouth look like when you say my name— Would the corners of your lips be up-turned and excited? And what would that smile feel like scraping against my shoulder?

And God, it would be so great to reconnect and spend hours talking about life with you. I miss doing that on a daily basis. You were my sanity for such a long time and I still think that you partially are. I’m always at peace knowing that you’re alive and well and hearing little snippets about your life and thoughts. I told you that I want to drop everything to come see you and that’s beyond true. I want to make you a bigger part of my existence because you mean so much to me.


You turn me on.

Her thighs are quivering. I want that.

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This is too necessary.

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